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Got my MRI today. My doc will be getting a hold of me in a few days to let me know what’s going on with the knee. I also had all my blood work done today. Last year, my doc checked the results of my blood work and emailed me this message: “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. You’ll live to be a very old man.” We shall see if the “no diet/love to drink alcohol” plan is still gonna get me to 80 or 90…


Doing the One World workout tomorrow after I get off work. The workout shouldn’t take that long so it’s perfect after a 12 hour shift. I need to make sure I get in an efficient warm-up. I tend to get lazy with my warm-up on work days.


Complete four rounds for time of:

  • 3 rope climbs
  • 10 ring dips
  • 200m run with a 20# medball



a day best forgotten

I rarely get irritated. I’m a pretty easy going guy. I guess that’s why I don’t find police work all that stressful, and I like to think it’s why I am a relatively happy and healthy guy.

Damn was I pissed off this morning! So the person who sets up my MRI appointment tells me the appointment is at 7:40 am. She tells me to get there 20 minutes early to fill out paperwork. Since I hate to be late anywhere, I arrive 25 minutes early at 7:15 am. The receptionist doesn’t start work until 7:30 am. WTF?!

I fill out the paperwork and go to the MRI area. The questionnaire asks if I have ever had a job grinding metal or had any metal particles in my eyeballs. I worked on the railroad for ten years prior to becoming a cop. I repaired railcars….lots of welding and some grinding. I had to have metal particles removed from my eyes twice. The nurse at the MRI looks at my questionnaire and asks me if I had my orbital x-rays prior to coming to the MRI appointment. Orbital x-rays??? WTF?!

Apparently, metal particles can stay in your eyes forever. The MRI is so powerful, it will make the particles melt and burn your eyeballs out. I could not get the MRI until I had the orbital x-rays. The nurse tells me to make an appointment with my doctor so he can okay me getting the x-rays and then reschedule the MRI. Danm!!!! I was pissed.

I went home and went back to sleep until 11am, but unfortunately, my mood was set for the day. I just want to get my knee fixed up so I can train the way I always train. When I can’t train the way I want, I get totally bummed out. Luckily, I got a call later in the morning and my orbital x-ray and MI I scheduled for Wednesday at noon.

My time in the gym sucked. I just couldn’t get my head on straight. I stuck to Roger’s advice and started modifying the workout to work around the knee. Despite all the power snatches I did yesterday, I was not sore today in the slightest. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get into it today. Not being able to squat is really mind fucking me. Most people don’t like to squat heavy. I fucking love it. I’m bummed out. I ended up not doing a conditioning workout.

Weightlifting results:

  • Good Morning: 132/xxxxx; 176/xxxx; 198/xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
  • Power Snatch: 105/xxxxx; 115/xxxx; 130/xxxx; 140/xxxx-xxxx
  • Split Jerk: 150/xxxxx; 175/xxxxx; 205/xxxxx-xxxxx-xDNF


Rest Day! (Sorry for the confusion…..)


The day before an MRI

You’re in LA for a whole day before your flight, what do you do? I’m doing a longer workout since I got time to kill… Chyna and I visited CrossFit South Bay. Forrest and his crew always take good care of us. The workout for the group was 15 rounds of 3 power cleans (135#)/6 push-ups/9 air squats. We started the session out attempting a one rep power clean. I put 95# on the bar and tried one clean. No bueno. I have a swollen tendon or ligament over the tip of my right clavicle (near my throat). It hurts like a mofo when the bar lands in that area. I decided to do power snatching instead. I hit a 170# power snatch pretty easy. I would have tried to go heavier, but the group moved on to the workout.

I did the workout with a 135# power snatch instead of the 135# power clean. Yuck! My time was 18:11. This probably was not the best workout to do with a bum knee, but I’m going crazy not being able to train normal. I’m gonna run in tomorrow’s workout. Screw it… I’ll know what’s wrong with my knee within a week and deal with it then.



Session #1-

  • Front Squat 60%/5, 70%/4, (80%/4)x4
  • Power Snatch 60%/5, 65%/4, 75%/4, (85%/4)x2
  • Clean 75%/4, (85%4)x2
  • Split Jerk 60%/5, 70%/5, (85%/5)x3
  • Snatch Pull 95%/3, 105%/3

Session #2- “Nicole”

I think I am going to sub box squatting for the front squat and see how the knee feels. Way less stress on the knee with a box squat.




Just a reminder to everyone…..

I will post a week of programming as it should be followed every Sunday night. What I post during the following week is what I will be doing. What I do may be different from what is programmed on Sunday night. I’m dealing with a knee injury right now, so I post modified versions throughout the week. Also, for another 7-10 weeks, conditioning can be whatever you want it to be. As long as you get some sort of conditioning in, you can do whatever you want. After this strength cycle is over, the conditioning will become very structured.

Also, the point of my programming is to perform better for the 2012 CrossFit Games, but I also have another goal. TJ’s Gym will be hosting the NorCal 40 competition on January 29th. I won the event last year, so my programming is also going to swing around me competing on that date. Last year, I had only been conditioning for a few weeks prior to the competition, and the competition left me wrecked. It fucked up my training for a whole month afterward. I want to be better prepared this year.

Only two strength days in this week’s programming:

Monday- Conditioning only.


Session #1- Strength

  • Front Squat 60%/5, 70%/4, (80%/4)x4
  • Power Snatch 60%/5, 65%/4, 75%/4, (85%/4)x2
  • Clean 75%/4, (85%4)x2
  • Split Jerk 60%/5, 70%/5, (85%/5)x3
  • Snatch Pull 95%/3, 105%/3

Session #2- Conditioning

Wednesday- OFF

Thursday- Conditioning Only

Friday- Conditioning Only

Saturday- Strength Only:

  • Back Squat 60%/5, 70%/4, (80%/4)x4
  • Snatch 60%/5, 65%/4, 75%/4, (85%/4)x2
  • Power Clean 75%/4, (85%4)x2
  • Press 60%/5, 70%/5, (85%/5)x3
  • Clean Pull 95%/3, 105%/3




You know you’ve been traveling to much when Southwest’s Spirit Magazine has been the same issue for your last 5 flights….I now know everything about pie.

Finally got a decent night sleep last night (7 hours). Workout was good, but I had to cut the push press short (did the hang snatch high pulls before ) because we had tot take off for the airport. It’s a good thing. I don’t think I would have hit too many reps at 85%. The workout on Friday night wore my shoulders down…..


Lots of folks are giving thanks for the programming. Just want to give credit where credit is due. This was programming that John Welbourn gave to Chyna and I last year. Based on our results last year, I guarantee that if you stick to the strength programming, you will PR shit like crazy!

Results for 08272011:

  • Deadlift 270#/xxxxx; 315#/xxxx; 360#xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
  • Hang Power Snatch 95#/xxxxx, 100#/xxxx, 115#/xxxx; 135#/xxxx-xxxx
  • Hang Power Clean 165#/xxxx, 185#/xxxx-xxxx
  • Push Press 150#/xxxxx; 175#/xxxxx;  215#/DNF
  • Snatch Pull (off blocks) 165#/xxx, 185#/xxx
Rest day for Sunday. I’m spending the day at Six Flags Magic Mountain. I’m all about the roller coasters.


I’m beat. We stayed up late last night, so today’s 12 hour shift seemed like an eternity. Going to the gym early tomorrow then straight to the airport to catch an 11:25 am flight to Los Angeles.

I have to wonder if my workout was even worth going into the gym tonight. I walked into the gym, changed into my shoes, did a few rack jerks at light weight, popped out a couple handstand push-ups, and then did about 15 double unders. Not a sufficient warm-up at all.

Results 08262011: 5 rounds for time of 5 shoulder to overhead @185#/5 handstand push-ups/50 double unders. Finished in 11 minutes even. Had to break up the last three sets of HSPU, and my double unders didn’t get into their groove until the 4th round.

After I was done I put everything away, got into my car, and drove home still sweating. I think I was at the gym for less than 25 minutes. I just wanted to get home. Back on track tomorrow……


Weightlifting only:

  • Deadlift 60%/5, 70%/4, (80%/4)x4
  • Hang Power Snatch 60%/5, 65%/4, 75%/4, (85%/4)x2
  • Hang Power Clean 75%/4, (85%4)x2
  • Push Press 60%/5, 70%/5, (85%/5)x3
  • Snatch Pull (off blocks) 95%/3, 105%/3


These 4 am SWAT operations are killing me! I’ve slept about 8 hours in two nights. Lack of sleep is a definite workout killer. When I finally got to the gym today, I just wanted to do something to get my sweat on and move for a bit. I originally planned on doing Volkswagen, but the pull-ups didn’t feel too good on the torn skin. I went with this:

10 rounds for time of:

  • 10 calorie row
  • 10 dumbbell hang power cleans (35#)
  • 10 push-ups

Time was 14:43. The rows slowed me down because I didn’t use full range of motion with my legs to avoid excessive use of the knee. The dumbbells were pretty light, and the push-ups were easy. Did some band resistance work afterward.

I’m tired. Dinner at home with Chyna and Alex Cardenas, then back to a normal day tomorrow! I’m working out when I get off work. More upper body tomorrow. Oh joy…..


5 rounds for time of:

  • 5 shoulder to overhead (185#)
  • 5 handstand push-ups
  • 50 double unders
I’ll probably rack jerk the shoulder to overhead.